Saturday, 26 February 2011

Who is She Part 1

This is my nieces,kinda nauty girl sometime ;). Jelez dia tgk blog ne,ssb tu dia mau jual pic dia jga kt sni . Pa bleh bwat kan,sy msuk sjala . haha . Nama dia Karen dia pnggil sy Uncle Wen . Trasa plak sy,mcm dah tua sy klu dia pnggil mcmtu . Time kt marudi dulu,sy sllu la pergi umh dia . Tpi bkn utk pikat my nieces la,juz buang borink2 klu prgi jln umh meka . hehe ;) . Ouh,hritu sy terserempak dgn dia kt Gua Longhouse Homestay,Bakam . Teyy,pama la malu itu budak(nieces) . Tgur Uncle dia ne pun xda,mkn sja kja dia . Anywhere,sy rindu btol ngn family dia,kmi nie kzn mazen rapat & sllu jumpa meka time cuti kt kpg . Ehe,klu mau add dia kt fB juz type Karen Lahung .

Who is She Part 2

yeerrr,ada dia kluar kt blog sy ;) . Bkn apa,dia ne la yg paksa sy update blog lama sy . Tpi sy mls ngn blog lama sy,so sy bwat la blog baru ne . Nama dia ne Ninot,sy pnggil Ninot sja la . Itu nick name dia . Kmi dua dh lama geng,time sy pindah bulan 6/2010 di Smk Lutong hritu dah jdi geng2 kt skul . Kmi dua sma mbil sbjct pure  scn juga,sama2 pndai sy rsa . Hahaha :) . Anywhere,atas pksaan dia la sy tergerak bwat blog ne,boleh la tahan blog baru nie (psstt : puji diri sndri)haha . Kmi dua kwn biasa sja,no connection keyh :) . Old days frenz ktakan . Fb dia ialah bernama Christina Ribuh, klu ada hati tu jgn lpa add dia :P .

Friday, 25 February 2011

Empty Love Letter

This is my story of an empty love letter . Before this I can stand as a single boyz for about 17 yrs . But one day,someone had stole my heart away . 28 January is the day I know her & i'll not 4get tht day . Damn,I reli cannot 4get tht days . Dont think im a Jiwang person,i'm not oke~ . Being love to someone is the basic thing in our life,dont make any fake gossip coz actually u r pointing at yourselves . Be positive(+) . Her name is K**** .  No need to know her full nme k,u will know who im talking about ;) . I reli love her & I do care so much about her . She's a caring person & sometime funny . Wht else ouh :) . Ouh,juz 4get about something ;P . Before this,she alwy call me " Syg Buyai"(kelabit)  . Don't know from where she learn tht weird words,myb me myself teach her :). I reli 4got liaoo~ .  But we r no longer as a couple,myb she's not my real lover & myb she think the same thing as I do or we r not prepare enough . Lastly,we separate to our own ways without any anger in our feeling . I accept it,I know God is great all the time & alwy with us . Juz believe Him,and you will receive wtever you ask in your prayer . Now,we juz only as a frenz . Not more yah,juz a frenz :) .Sometime we texting to each other,but not to often . It's reli hard to 4get her,but i must . Actually,im so happy coz we r still as a frenz until know :P .

Some SweetLyric i want to say to u my frenz(K****)  ;)

These are my words 
That I’ve never said before 
I think I’m doing ok 
And this is the smile 
That I’ve never shown before 

Somebody shake me 
Cause I, I must be sleeping 

I'm so afraid of waking 
Please don't shake me 
Afraid of waking 
Please don't shake me 

  • We juz as a frenz now , not more than tht^^,
  • Im happy coz u happy there :)
  • Cheers up 4 u \m/(",)
  • GBU n ur family .

Fevret Music ;)

Saya minat btol dgn Cristian & Gospel songs <3Aba bberapa jnis Christian & Gospel genre dlm Christian & Gospel songs . Antara genre yg sy suka :

  • Christian & Gospel
    • CCM
    • Christian Metal
    • Christian Pop
    • Christian Rap
    • Christian Rock
    • Classic Christian
    • Contemporary Gospel
    • Gospel
    • Christian & Gospel
    • Praise & Worship
    • Southern Gospel
    • Traditional Gospel
Sometimes,sy layan juga lagu rock . Ckit sja la Rock genre yg sy biasanya layan . Antara genre yg sy suka :
  • Rock
    • Adult Alternative
    • Jams Band
    • Psychedelic
    • Pop Rock
    • Punk Rock
    • Alternative Rock

My New Blog

Nothing is intresting actually . Pasal edit2 blog nie dah lama sy tau . Tpi blog baru nie special bwat geng2 n kawan2 music ;) . Yg bwat blog baru nie special ckit coz background layout tu buat sy cair . Haiya,boleh la tahan . Klu borink2 nti sy tukar lgi . Apa2 pun,blog ne juz for musician fanatic sja . Klu km rsa xda minat,bleh angkat kaki dan beredar . Blahh;)~ 
~ pic background layout nie yg bwat sy cair,nice dehhh ;)